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Christopher Kyle


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(These are full-length plays. For one-act plays, click here.)
The Safety Net
2m, 3f
Unit Set

David, a successful NY attorney in his 30s, returns to Indianapolis for the funeral of his adopted brother, whom he hasn’t seen for years. David tries to make amends by helping his brother's troubled girlfriend, LaShonda, but is ill-prepared for the commitment that requires. His good intentions soon threaten his marriage and career and force him to examine a past he has long ignored. Premiered at the Michael Weller Theatre in NYC.

“A thoughtful midlife-crisis drama that touches on everything from the racial prejudices of the liberal elite to the nature-nurture debate.” - NY TIMES.

"An amazing and unflinching play that deals with difficult subjects in a compassionate and humorous way…a brilliant and unwavering look at the issues of American race, class, and family.”

“A smart, fresh work…delights in teasing the audience.” - BACKSTAGE.
Rights available through Samuel French, Ltd.
3m, 2f
Unit Set
Clare, Matty and Val were the best of friends in college. Now approaching thirty, they find themselves struggling with careers and relationships—unhappy, yet fearful of change. The three gather, along with Val's husband, Harris, at a country house in Connecticut for a weekend of escape and reminiscence. But this awkward reunion is interrupted by the lovestruck Jim, an office temp with whom Clare had a brief affair. Heedless of the circumstances, Jim proves to be the catalyst that pulls apart these delicately maintained relationships. As the friends' betrayals are revealed and the misbegotten weekend hurtles toward its tragicomic conclusion, a candid snapshot of a generation comes into focus. Sharp and witty in its observations, PLUNGE dives through its comic surface to find the melancholy beneath. Premiered at Playwrights Horizons.
"…a rueful comedy of manners…creates a persuasive, prickly sense of the treacherous ebb and flow of conversation among people who know one another's secrets and are destined to betray them." — NY TIMES.
"…a naughty little comedy with serious overtones… Underneath both the whimsy and the pain Kyle knows how to humanize superficiality, to squeeze both the humor and the pathos out of it—until we recognize on stage not only others but also ourselves…It is funny, spicy, and evocative…" — NY MAGAZINE.
"Kyle's writing is niftily smart, and his dramatic ideas almost naughtily engaging…brilliant…a play not to miss if you have any interest at all—even a fearful one—in the next millennium."



"…a skillful comedy…Kyle depicts [the characters] with wit and, most importantly, sympathy."



Rights available through Dramatists Play Service.




The Monogamist
2m, 3f
Unit Set
Dennis, a forty-something poet who has never lived up to his earlier promise, has just written a collection of poems concerned with the relevance of monogamy in 1990s America. And, in a testament to his new philosophy, he's recently married his longtime companion, Susan, a professor of women's literature at Princeton. So imagine Dennis' surprise when he finds Susan in bed with one of her students, the morally ambiguous Tim. Thrown into a mid-life crisis by his wife's infidelity, Dennis ends up in the arms of Sky, a confused twenty-year-old who says she voted for George Bush because she's fanatically pro-choice on abortion. As Dennis leads Sky toward political enlightenment, he is forced to reevaluate his work and his relationships - even the legacy of his precious '60s generation. An edgy and original satire, THE MONOGAMIST examines art, love and politics in an age where the rules no longer apply. Premiered at Playwrights Horizons.
"There is a cheekily quirky new voice in our theater. It belongs to Christopher Kyle, by far the most stimulating playwright I've encountered in many a buffaloed moon…" — NY MAGAZINE.
"Trenchant, dark and jagged, THE MONOGAMIST is the best comedy of the season. Newcomer Christopher Kyle [is] a playwright whose social satire comes with a nasty, ripping edge—Molière by way of Joe Orton." — VARIETY.
"A confident, smart, very funny new play…this psychological satire is a stylishly hard-edged but humane comedy of manners about the confused remains of '60s sex, media, arts and politics in the '90s." — NY NEWSDAY.
"As purely funny a play as there is in New York today and they do not come any smarter."
"Smart, funny, articulate and wisely touched with rue…the script radiates a bright, bold energy."
Rights available through Dramatists Play Service.
4m, 4f
Unit Set
Boca is a fast-paced black comedy set along the highways of middle America. Jay, an erstwhile orphan from Terre Haute, Indiana, hitchhikes to Florida to meet his parents. Along the way he encounters a bizarre cast of characters from contemporary America: insomniacs who prowl all-night restaurants and convenience stores, Vietnam vets who can't remember faces but never forget a name, self-help checkout girls, wandering amnesiacs, lonely divorcees and, of course, psychopaths. They're all friendly, to be sure, but between the smiles they seem to want a piece of Jay's quest. Not sure what's to be had at the end of the rainbow, Jay tries to negotiate a path through this freak show and find the parents who left him at the Salvation Army 30 years before. Premiered at Charlotte Repertory Theatre.
"Take Salvador Dali, marry him to Son of Sam, and you get BOCA, a wild ride across a disjointed, randomly violent American landscape that is littered with gun shops and Waffle Houses, biker mags and pepperoni sticks... Hysterical but troubling...funny and of the best plays the [Charlotte Rep New Plays] fest has ever produced." - CHARLOTTE OBSERVER
"For my money, BOCA is the best written script of the year. It's disturbing but it's also funny. The central question - what does family really mean? - resonates in every relationship. Not only does it make you laugh, it makes you think." - Bill Bly, Director, Stanley Drama Award
Unpublished. Inquiries: Patrick Herold at ICM (212-556-5782) or email via the contact page.
Note: filmed excerpts from the Charlotte Rep. production can be viewed here (Boca is at the bottom of the page).
Event Horizon
5m, 1f
Unit Set
Mitch Garland, an angry white male who sacrificed everything for his career, finds himself outsourced and out of luck in Central Park. Without family or friends to turn to, Mitch concocts a bizarre and dangerous investment scheme designed to win back the affection of his teenage son-- the only person left who'll take his calls. A darkly comic look at contemporary society, Event Horizon puts a satirical spin on affirmative action and investing in the terminally ill. Developed at Playwrights Horizons, NY Stage & Film, and Charlotte Rep.
"EVENT HORIZON bends reality to great comic and terrifying effect...[it's] deadly accurate in portraying Kyle's vision of a rootless, faceless America where the buck is paramount and everything spiritual is corrupt... The world is upside down. Kyle isn't afraid to laugh at it."
Unpublished. Inquiries: Patrick Herold at ICM (212-556-5782) or email via the contact page.


A translation of the play by Bertolt Brecht


7-10m, 4-6f (with doubling)


Unit Set


Baal is the first play by Bertolt Brecht, written when he was only 20. A work of remarkable poetic energy and imagination, Baal shocked the audiences of 1918 with its frank depictions of sexuality and human cruelty. Written as a rejoinder to romanticized notions of the poetic spirit, Baal is the story of an anti-poet, an anti-social man who holds in equal measure the power to create and the power to destroy and, more the either, the desire to consume all he can. Baal hurtles through his brief life like Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain-- except Baal was a rock star before rock and roll was invented. This contemporary English translation premiered at Columbia University's Shapiro Center for the Arts.


Unpublished. Productions must be licensed through the Brecht estate. For more information, inquire via the contact page.